1. Hi everybody this is my first post and I would like some help if possible. I have an interview on May 4th for a Nursing Diploma course but dont know what to expect. They said the interview could possibly go on for 6 and a half hours but I dont know what they can do in such a long amount of time. I know everybodys interviews would of been different but an idea of how yours was would be great. Will there be single or group interviews? Will I be interviwed by a panel?

    Thanks for any help
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  3. by   lisamct
    Hi there,
    I would imagine that if its an 'all day' type interview it'll go something like this...
    Morning will be probably a talk about the course/placement information ect as well as possibly talks from present student representatives. Ther will also probably be an observed group discussion, nothing to formal and not necessarily on a nursing subject but just to give the interviewers a chance to see how you interact with each other.
    Afternoon will be individual interviews, usually @20 mins. I think its usual to be interviewed by 2 or maybe 3 people rather than a bigger panel. They might ask you to write a short esay but usualy they tell you about this beforehand by letter so if they havent said anything yet I'd assume it wont happen.
    Good luck, hope this is of some help.
  4. by   UK2USA
    Most of these all day interviews are set up in the following fashion.

    (1) Introduction to the course and to the interviewers
    (2) Introduction to the other interviewees
    (3) Team building games to get rid of nerves (and an opportunity for the interviewers to see how you interact with others)
    (4) Small essay - so that the interviewers can assess your written English
    (5) Maths tests
    (6) Lunch break

    After all that the interviewers mark the papers, discuss individuals and plan for who will stay during the afternoon for interviews. The interviews are usually fairly basic and cover a broad range of subjects. This gives the interviewers an impression of your outlook and values. Try to be natural - remember nurses need to deal with the public constantly - if you can show a confident, happy personality you will be more than halfway there. Good Luck.
  5. by   Wandering_U
    Thanks alot for the replies. I feel a bit more relaxed now I know a little of what to expect. Just need to find some decent clothes now so I make a good initial impression.