International Nursing Reciprocity and options

  1. I have been a Paramedic for 12 years and an R.N. for 7years. In those 7 years I have worked primarily in the Emergency setting with time also spent in the I.C.U. and on Critical Care Ground Transport. To get away from the ever threatening "burnout Syndrome"which I finally learned to recognize in myself I took a job eith Norwegian Cruise Line and a Ship's Nurse and have liked that but am interested in looking forward. I am looking for help and direction as I have been trying different search engines and keep getting "failed" as a reply. There are 3 areas that I am currently interested in investigating further.
    1 -- Gaining a Canadian license - how do I go about getting the papers for this and learning more?

    2 -- Working the Oil rigs of the Gulf of Mexico. To whom does one apply and what standards do they require?

    3 -- International Reciprocity- I am interested in learning how and where to gain access to working in countries like Costa Rica, Honduras and Venezuala but do not know how to find out if my michigan license will transfer to the Central American countries. Any sugestions?
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  3. by   curliegirlie
    In Canada you have to apply to the Province you want to work in, we still haven't got standardized testing. Below a site to gain an Ontario License. I suggest you do a search if you want to find out about other provinces requirements.