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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am a psychiatric nurse in the Uk working in forensic psychiatry in a maximum security hospital. I am also DBT trained.
    I am hoping to emigrate to Aussie, and have registered with the WA nursing board. I would really like a chance to use my DBT skills and as I am currently a team leader at work do not really want to start at the bottom of the ladder as the lowest grade staff nurse. Please can someone give me some good ideas about where would be a good place to look for work in WA.
    What are rates of pay in Private, public and agency.
    hope you can help.

    ps. anyone help me out with the mental health act for WA, its different to over here obviously.

    Sorry lots of questions!!
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  3. by   sandgroper
    A copy of the Mental Health Act 1996 can be found here...
    Mental Health Review Board
  4. by   bulletproofbarb
    What is DBT skills? I can't recall hearing that abbreviation before.

    Private is slightly less than public and agency is the highest paid. The rates differ depending on what year you are. Probably be best to contact some of the hospitals and make enquiries. You can do that before you decide to apply for a job.

    Psych in WA - there is Graylands Hospital, Fremantle has a Psych unit attached to a very good teaching hospital with a good reputation and no vacancies for general nurses but not sure about Psych. .

    Hollywood is another hospital with psych.

    Royal Perth and SCGH have psych too.

    Those are the four main hospitals. There are some private general hospitals with Psych units.

    I know there is some private psych clinics/hospitals but not sure where. I am not psych trained.
  5. by   kzippi
    Thanks you two.....have downloaded the mental health act to have a look at.
    DBT stands for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.
    Thanks for all the hospital links will check them out.

    Hope to be over there with you soon