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hi! i just want to know where i could have my continuing education program (besides pna) and trainings and seminars here in the philippines. for example: iv therapy, tpn, ecg training, acls and... Read More

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    hi.. mm.. i am also a bit confused wether to work 1st or to revw for the nclex. just passed nle last dec and im still tryin to figure out my next best step. tanx for the info.. im also looking for hopitals that conduct special trainings and seminars so as not to waste my tym if ever i wud be deciding to take my nclex. since application for nlcex wud rili take a lot of tym. eventhough it wud not be regarded wen i work in the us, it wud most likely help me enhance my skills.

    i hope someone can give us latest updates.. tanx. god bless
    what ever training you do in the philippines will not account anything here. only paid work experience will be accounted. trainings that you will pay are just a waste of money. when you are new here, the hospital will do everything and train you so you can be competentt on the floor.

    by the way, when you take your toefl or ielts series, they will check your offense here.