I'm having difficulty getting to a Nursing program, need advise.

  1. Hi, I'm a pre-health science student in George Brown college, and damn I'm having hard time with some of the science-courses.

    Anyways, I'm looking to take an RN program after this and have been looking at other colleges. There's the Mohawk-McMaster program, and there's also Conestoga-McMaster program. I've been given a conditional offer for the nursing program at St. Lawrence College, but frankly I'm not going to be able to go this year because I'm failing some of the course and had to repeat some to improve my GPA.

    Which one should I take? Anyone had an experience repeating courses? How does it affect your chances in getting in some programs? Thanks

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  3. by   PockyUpNose
    I was once in this prehealth program in george brown, and it is horrible. the teachers were not very well trained, and they had a lot of courses that were plain ********, and not neccessary.

    I decided to drop out of that ******** program, and enrolled in an adult school to get my pre req for nursing. It was free, and you can retake the course if you fail. I only took 4 months to finish all my prereqs for nursing.

    Each semester is 2 months long, and you can choose 3 courses max.

    soo i chose gr 12 bio, chem, and math, and then nex semester chose eng, and 2 electives.

    the courses are very intense since they cram every thing into 2 months.

    I got above 80s in all courses, and recently got accepted into the seneca york nursing.

    best part bout it was that adult schools are FREEEEEE

    jus google yorkdale adult learning centre. there's a few other adult school in toronto.

    I hope more people will know about these school, and not waste their hard earned money on ******** programs like prehealth when you can get your rereqs for free.
  4. by   miggy087
    Thanks for the reply! Does the credits you get from the adult school goes towards your high school credits? Does it show up in the high school transcript?
  5. by   PockyUpNose
    yeap , The credits all goes towards the HS transcript.

    I think you should try adult school only if you cant get into anything after u finished ur prehealth.
  6. by   celliott101
    I am beginning this program in September, what are the issues you are having?
  7. by   NorthernStudent
    Hi Miggy

    I don't want to be the rainy cloud here but if you are having difficulty with passing the pre-health courses, how do you think you will do when you are taking university level science courses. I agree with the other poster that perhaps you need to get your high school level sciences. When you do end up applying to school, don't be afraid to get in there and meet with the faculty. I made an appointment with the admissions faculty and had an honest conversation about why I wanted to get into nursing.

    Good luck
  8. by   Meiii
    Hey guys, I just finished my first year at York University majoring in Sociology and passed all of my courses with 7.88, but now I want to become an RN.. I have read a lot of forums about nursing programs in Toronto and heard a lot of good things about Humber/UNB and Ryerson programs, so I want to get in those schools.. but I don't know if I should just fulfill the requirements for the 2nd entry nursing at York U and UofT or just start from scratch at Humber/UNB or Ryerson next year..

    I want to finish school as soon as I can, but at the same time I want to have a thorough and enjoyable time studying nursing.. I cant apply to any 4yr BScN/ BN programs anymore as the deadline has passed.. But I can still apply to Practical Nursing programs.. then after I could enrol to RN..

    Help me!!! I've never been so confused in my life!!!