IEN's / UK nurses working in Canada (am i doing the right thing??)

  1. hello everyone! i've been browsing this website for a few days now, i found it so informative so i decided to join in the fun! let me tell you my situation first before anything else...i have a BSN degree (1998) and i've been practising in the profession since. i am currently in the UK (been here for the last 9 years) and now, i have decided i want to move my family to canada (ontario in particular as i have loads of relatives there). i've read quite a few threads and more or less, i have grasp the idea on what to do to start the ball rolling..however, i just want to make sure i am really going to do the right things so i hope you guys could help me's what i'm planning to do:
    -write to CNO to assess my credentials (if i can write the CRNE)
    -start revising and take the CRNE (if allowed) and hopefully pass it
    -look for possible employers
    -apply for visa and take it from there...

    now here are my questions:
    QUESTION 1: which is better? apply as a skilled worker and take the CRNE soon or have a relative sponsor me and my family and take the CRNE when we're all there?

    QUESTION 2: what's the situation of nursing in ontario at the moment? is it really hard to find a job for IEN's?

    QUESTION 3: is it mandatory for IEN to take the bridging course even if they have a BSN? what about the IELTS?

    QUESTION 4: am i on the right track with my plans at the moment??? if not, can you tell me what to do (as specific as you can be...)any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

    i just feel that i might as well do this now before it's too late. life is too short for regrets (so they say!) btw, major factor for moving my family is to provide a better quality of life for my kids (5 y/o and 1 y/o) and us as a whole. i want to work to live, not live to work! cheers everyone!!!
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