I need a bit of Australian or Nz advice? - page 2

I have reccently come across manuka honey, which isn't liscensed in the UK yet, but is being trialed, however I have found research on the web which suggest that it used often in NZ and OZ. Is... Read More

  1. by   Templedoll
    Quite a while ago I was a student doing an exlective in district nursing. A lot of the patients had leg ulcers. I asked one day "would they conside using Manuka Honey". The answer was we cannot use that as we cannot be guaranteed that it is bacteria free, it would probably need to be pasteurised. This of course would probably kill off the active ingredients. Since then their may have been a bit more research. Like to hear others views.
  2. by   KatieFromPerth
    Manuka honey is from NZ so c'mon Kiwi's.
    Try the wawca.com.au site, they are doing trial on the honey now