I have applyed to be evaluated for two nursing groups.. What now

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    I am very excited to ask my question to the right people who will give me the right advice
    I am an internationally educated registered nurse who applied for NNAS the National Nursing Assessment Service to get my credentials assessed and then be forwarded to the CNO for the final say on my application
    l am at the initial stage in my process with the NNAS since I have submitted all my documents to the NNAS to evaluate me on two different Nursing categories recently one for the RN and the second for the RPN.
    So what should I do at this stage ? I would like to start preparing for my RN exam but I am not sure which evaluation will came first RN or the RPN . any suggestions on how i can utilize this time

    Note:I have diploma and bachelor's in nursing sience and I have around seven years of. Bedside nursing as medical surgical nurse
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  3. by   dishes
    I believe nnas will give the advisory reports for both RN & PN at the same time. It is quite possible that your education will be somewhat comparable or not comparable to Canadian RN entry to practice competencies, but may be comparable to Canadian PN entry to practice competencies. If you use the search tool in the right hand corner to find a thread entitled 'nnas experience' you will be able to read other iens nnas results.
    Don't worry about studying for the CPNRE or NCLEX for now, just focus on getting your college/ university to send a nursing education syllabus that includes an outline and summary of the topics covered in each course including the objectives, learning outcomes hours of study like the example they gave in the NNAS video. For more examples of the type of syllabus NNAS wants, look at various Canadian BSN course outlines. If you look at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) nursing course outlines you will see detailed course descriptions, course learning outcomes/competencies, evaluation criteria.
    Also ask your university to provide any information that gives details about RN entry to practice competencies. Does the a nursing student handbook, preceptor guide, student policy and procedure guide, contain information that gives the philosophy of the program, expected outcomes etc?
    Become familiar with the Canadian entry to practice competency documents, you can find them on CNO search for 'Entry-to practice competencies for Ontario registered practical nurses' and 'Competencies for entry-level registered nurse practice'. The competencies are the framework for the nnas assessment, the IENCAP (RN competency assessment) an the CPNRE, do not underestimate the importance of the competencies being used to compare whether or not your education and experience is comparable to a Canadian nurses.