how I can be a forensic nurse here in the philippines?

  1. Hi.. Im a newly registered nurse here in the philippines graduated last march 2008 and passed the june 2008 board exam. I am very much interested in forensic nursing, can somebody help me on how I can be a forensic nurse here in the philippines? thank you for those kind-hearted who can help me.
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  3. by   iamnomad

    I once told my Nursing Management professor, who is a high-ranked military nurse, that I wanted to be forensic nurse. Its in my knowledge that there are no forensic nursing program in the Philippines. But then she told me that she knows some nurses who practice forensic science in the AFP Medical Center where she is working. I think it will be good for you to apply as a military nurse or a nurse trainee on the AFP Medical Center, then do some further training with them about forensic science. And from there, you can spark a promising forensic nursing career.

    But if you have the resources, why not enroll to a forensic nursing program abroad.

    Good Luck!

    -from your fellow forensic-nurse-wannabe.
  4. by   mitochondrialdna6
    Try inquiring at PNP General Hospital... They might have answers to your questions...