How did you study for the RN exam??

  1. Hello to all Canadian nurses
    I'm doing my last semester now at Dawson College. Can't believe it's almost over, it's been a long three years and I still have two more years of McGill ahead of me. I'm starting to get nervous about the RN exam. To be honest I don't really know how I should study for it. How did you study for your RN exam. Any advice would be appreciated
    Thank you for all your help and have a great weekend
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  3. by   Teachchildren123
    Well, funny you ask. I was wondering how to start myself since I intent to go back to Qc from the US. Having never practiced in Canada, studied here in NY state, I will have to pass the same exam as you. Yes, even if I have been practicing here in the ICU for 5-6 years... , anyways. I did about 6,000 ? which is 2 NCLEX review books. I like these with the answer and rationale.
    There is a review book in Qc that you can buy with the OIIQ, I beleive that it is the same format as the NCLEX.
    6,000 ? was a little excessive, I suppose that if you do 1 book diligently you should be just fine.
    Ask your teacher what they recommend.
    Please, share your findings, it will help me too.
    I just wish they would take my licence from here, it would be cheaper, easier and kinder!
    Good luck!
  4. by   Pumiky
    Hey Conny
    are you moving to Montreal? If you are planning to take the exam in QC I should probably let you know that the exam is two days long and is made up of short answer questions and practical exam (what we call OSCE). no mulitiple choice. The practical exam is composed ot 16 situations in which you are actint out your nursing skills while interacting with a pt. You are being watched the whole time. The OIIQ exam is a good book to have as it gives you an idea of what to expect. It also gives you different situations for the practical exam and the mistakes people usually do. When are you planning to do the exam?
  5. by   Teachchildren123
    Hey Pumiky!
    Thanks for the great advice!
    I am planning in probably 3-4 years to come back to Quebec. Got to start putting $ away, it looks like I will be making way less and all... And I was thinking not making enough as it is!
    I know, it's not all about cash! May be things will change around in Qc, that RN's will be better compensated and valued, one way to bring them back to the market!
    I will kick myself in the butt and start the process with the OIIQ so they at least accept my US education.... it is a lots of forms and time to wait... process and bureaucraty it looks like!
    Then let's study! I guess I will get the study guide. Why do I feel like I am going backwards!umpiron:
    Oh! Well, got to do it like everybody!
    Good luck to new nurses!
  6. by   Paxthar
    I got the study guide for the CRNE, got some beer, and went to the beach. I found that the study guide was good for preparing for the exam. When I wrote it I found there was lots of psych/soc questions.