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  1. Hi all! My name is Stephanie and I'm a nursing student in a ADN program in Illinois. One of our projects that we have to do is a Cultural Paper where we have to interview another RN from a different culture. If anyone would be willing to answer some questions (there are a lot, so it might be kind-of long) that would help me out SO much! Let me know if anyone is interested or able to help and I'll e-mail or PM them the questions. Thanks for all your help in advance!!:spin:
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  3. by   aeonflux14
    Hi I'm from the Philippines and I would be glad to help you on your paper. Currently, I am into research projects about Telehealth Nursing in the University of the Philippines.:spin:
  4. by   stephensonwater
    i am very open and very much willing to be interviewed with any topic concerning culture. just give me a beep or send the questions to my account privately. i am not promising to answer them in an instant but if given a time, i would give answers to any inquiry that you may have. goodluck with your paper.
  5. by   American Pie
    Me too. I'm also a Registered Nurse here in the Philippines. I would be glad to help you. Send the questions to my account privately too.
  6. by   pugluvr310
    Thank you so much for everyone being so willing to help! I just love this site!!!