Hello! (and Help!)

  1. Firstly-hello to everyone out there. I didn't realise this place existed until this morning.

    I'm am unsure as to the which would be the more appropriate forum to answer query, so i am hedging my bets by posting this both here and over on the 'Canadian Nurses' forum.

    I am a 31 year old male living in the U.K. I completed my nurse training in 1999 and have been working as a nurse in mental health since then. My current position is that of a Community Psychiatric Nurse, and prior to this i work as a acute inpatient service manager for 16 wards.

    My situation is this; i have a young family (6 month old son) and we would all like to move out to Canada. However, i have absolutely NO idea how to achieve this goal. At least, it certainly looks extremely complicated compared only a few years ago when it seemed a lot of my colleagues were moving over there!

    It would seem that if i wanted to move to Australia, they are almost ready to tear my arm off with various incentives and an abundance of agencies that exist to cater for my every nursing need. Yet, looking into moving to Canada there seems to be nothing, well, not that i've been able to find (my internet search led me to this forum).

    I would be forever greatful if anyone has any knowledge of this procedure, or names of agencies that can guide me through the process/offer job opportunities.

    Many many thanks in advanced, and fingers crossed this reaps in some positive replies!
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