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  1. Hi all,
    I'm thinking of applying to a regional psych centre. Does anyone out there have any forensic nursing experience they'd care to discuss? How do you like it? What are the burn-out levels like and do they happen quickly?
    I do have psych experience but have never worked in a correctional facility. What are the qualities needed for this type of nursing?
    Anything anyone would care to discuss would be greatly appreciated. Just want to know what to expect!
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  3. by   JMP

    I am an ICU nurse who went to a Canadian Federal Prision interview for RN's and qualified. I have had a few calls, but have always in the end decided to stay with critical care.

    The federal system here pays well, good benefits, but then so does the hospital system, we have a strong union in Ontario.

    I see you are from Arizona.........mind if I ask you a few questions? We are thinking strongly about moving to Flagstaff.......have been there twice now, had an interview but last year decided to stay and finish my critical care course. I would also like to get my CCRN first too, but we will see. Can you tell me about nursing in Arizona? Can you tell me about the take home pay AFTER deductions?

    In Ontario, my deductions are BIG........ I may make 1800 every two weeks but my deductions are almost 600 every two weeks so my take home pay is just barely 1200. That is one thing to keep in mind when you come to Canada, our tax system is much higher than the states, but then we are paying for health care, etc. Our system is more socialist based than the US.

    What made you pick Sask.? Have you been there, family there? I am sure you aware of the weather there. Canada is a wonderful country, and I will come back..........just thinking of an adventure for two years or so.

    The prision system here is very humaine, relatively safe, we DO NOT have the death penality, for the most part, I have heard good things about it. If you have had corrections experience I am sure you will be fine.

    If you can give me any details regarding Arizona I would be very grateful.

    Thanks J.
  4. by   blitz
    Hi J,
    Certainly, be glad to!
    I don't know what the situation in Flag is, but here in Phoenix there is a crisis looming. I work in Phoenix Memorial Hospital. We're relatively small for a city hospital, but have a continuous nursing shortage. We rely very heavily on registry nurses to fill the gaps that occur every day. The DON took a trip to the Phillipines and recruited 200 nurses because they just weren't available here! Check out the Flagstaff newspaper, the Sun at this link;

    I originally signed on full time but have recently switched to weekend pool. There are also very big sign on deals around as well. I make 40$ an hour and work just weekends, the regular staff full time rate was 25.00. Our move is getting closer and I find the 2x12 hour shifts just enough to allow me a decent wage and time to get stuff together! I'm trying to remember where I put all the paycheck stubs....I"ll have to wing it. My salary is probably around 1920 (gross) per pay period, take home is around 1500. THis is all Federal and state tax, and keep in mind that I have no deductions taken out, no savings, no health benefits etc, as I get the health insurance through my husband. One of the reasons I'm so happy to be getting back to Canada is the health system. Oh, I know it has it's problems, but for my .02, it's nothing compared to the mess that exists down here! We've been trying to get a good MD since October and the hunt is still on! The insurance company has a list you may choose from, but only in your area. This is further messed up by the fact that Harry teaches in Tucson and we live north of Phoenix. Cigna cannot understand this and insist we have to have a doc in Tucson. This is quite a hike; sort of equivalent to you going to Barry! My husband has an enormous amount taken out of his pay for health insurance, and as far as I'm concerned, it's worthless. Cigna costs us over 600.00 a month for medical and dental. You must figure that in to your budget as well. As you can tell, I could go on and on..... Sorry about that. I'd much rather be taxed and know that it's going to health care than for whatever it's going to now.
    I am a dual citizen. Born in the US, we lived in Toronto, (Bay and Bloor!) for 10 years and during that time, became citizens. I haven't been to SK, but husband is accepting a teaching position at the University. I understand the winters are a bit much, but the summer makes up for it. (LOL) Flagstaff, as you know, has a big winter season and the summers are relatively cool as well. On the other hand, it's 1100 and I have the air conditioner on. We've had it on since late February. For the life of me I can't figure out why the elderly, with all their lung problems come to this dust blown furnace to retire! My allergies are in full swing and I can't go literally cook! I'm looking forward to experiencing the seasons again, and snuggling up to the apartment fireplace during snowstorms! If I get the position at the Regional Psych Centre, it'll be a bicycle ride away from me.
    As far as the trip up there, my signature says it all! I hope I've answered your questions. Let me know what happens and what you decide.
    Talk to you later ,