For anyone having problems with CGFNS.

  1. hi all,

    first of all thanks to everyone who replied to my post about making a complaint to cgfns. especailly radonc-rn whos wonderful advice has got things moving again!!!!

    i did exactly what you suggested i called and asked to speak direct to a supervisor. i explained i applied back in april and it had been ready for review for over 4 months and i had been promised several times my case was going to be submitted to a reviewer asap. i took their name and they assured me they would look into it.

    well i am pleased to say after 4 days of calling them every day and asking for the same person i finally got some joy, i made a complaint to...

    cgfns, international
    attn: advocacy and quality assurance
    3600 market street
    suite 400
    philadelphia, pa 19104-2651

    i then got this email today,

    my name is monica batchelor and i am an ombudsman with the office of advocacy and quality assurance at cgfns international. our customer service department referred your ces inquiry to my attention.
    we do apologize for any inconvenience the delay in reviewing your ces file has caused. i have sent a request to the manager of the ces department, robin ickes, asking that your file be reviewed wednesday december 20, 2006. please visit our to check the status of your file after that date. if you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact customer service directly at 215-349-8767 ext 476.

    heres hoping but to be sure i am going to call them every few days to keep on at them it seems the only way!!

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