EBA for WA Nurses

  1. Has anyone heard any news about the pay negotiations for West Aussie nurses? I've not heard anything since the recent state election. J.R.

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  3. by   sandgroper
    hi jenny

    i have just received the latest eba update dated march 22. unfortunately i couldn't attach the pdf file so here is the text version

    public sector eba update 33

    the anf and the government met last week to resume negotiations on the public sector eba and discussions continued throughout the week.

    the anf has now received a new proposal from the government that contains all the improvements from the government's previous non- union proposal:
    - 14.7% pay increase (with back pay from july 2004)
    - increased night shift penalties (from midnight sunday to end of
    shift monday)
    - in charge allowance
    - paid parental leave increased from six weeks to eight weeks
    - nursing workloads exceptional matters order to continue to apply
    (minus visibility)
    - flexible leave arrangements including the purchasing of
    additional leave
    - public sector standard entitlements to leave - cultural ,
    bereavement , blood donor etc

    and with the additional improvements of:
    - the protection of an anf (union) agreement
    - restoration of the full definition of a shift worker (for the
    extra week of annual leave)
    - restoration of the roster review clause
    - introduction of a nurse practitioner classification
    - inclusion of a visibility clause to assist the regulation of
    nurse's workloads
    - job-sharing

    in this proposal, there are no trade-offs and there are no loss of conditions.

    the government asked anf to agree to these improved conditions as final settlement of the anf claim, however the anf replied that agreement would only be reached following consultation with, and approval by, anf members. the government has requested an answer by tuesday 29 march.

    given the time frame, the anf asked for paid meetings so that as many nurses as possible could attend and give their views, however the government said no.

    therefore, the anf has made arrangements for the meetings to be held during meal breaks and members will be asked whether or not they are prepared to support the latest proposal from the government.

    the meetings are being held throughout this week - right up until the 29th march (including meetings during the easter holidays) and fliers have been distributed advertising the various meeting times for individual hospitals.
    the anf encourages all members to attend these meetings and have their say. if you would like an additional meeting in your area, or you require further information, contact the anf office.