Crne August 2006 - page 2

hi everyone, i just registered today but i have visited frequently in the past and read all of your postings. i am a new grad who wrote my crne yesterday. i felt like blah after writing the 8... Read More

  1. by   X-treme
    I'm from southern Ontario.

    I feel ready for this exam, however, tips are always helpful.
    My biggest area which I'm unsure of is primarily maternity, community (how to talk to individuals/groups when making presentations to best meet their current development needs).

    I've realized no matter how much you study you will 'never' really be prepared because the question/answer could be ANYTHING. I found picking the key words most useful because otherwise i'd be assuming.

    How did you find the shot answers on the exam? Going through the crne prep guide was okay, however, some short answers and their responses were rather difficult. Especially when dealing with multicultures. Also, I found when I felt an answer was 100% right, the 'correct' answer wanted more, or specific words to obtain full marks.

    Any tips would be great!
  2. by   AussieKylie
    Is it an 8hour exam? Do you have breaks to replenish?

    What I dont understand is even though I will attempt the exam because I really want to come back to Calgary, is that there is a nursing shortage and this exam is the only way in for everyone to get work as a nurse in the hospitals? Why cant the Degree from Uni or Diploma from College be sufficient evidence of your hardwork of study and p erserverance.

    If you wanted to work in Australia you dont need to do an exam. As long as there is proof of your Tertiary qualifications and other paper work to see that you are justified in working in the country.

    I know its just the way it is in Canada but to help with the nursing shortage they should really just accept peoples qualifications.