1. dear friends:

    we gave birth to a baby boy almost 4 weeks ago (our 2nd baby after 9 years).

    as most of you know, we are now waiting for P4.

    i hope you don't mind, i have some questions to those in the know:

    1. do we notify NVC or the US Embassy in Manila before we receive the P4 notice? or do we notify either of the two entities now even via e-mail? (that another dependent is being added to the application)

    2. is it ok not to notify them and just fill-up, submit, and pay for the visa application of the baby during the interview?

    3. will adding a dependent delay the process in some ways?

    4. the baby will be part of the medical check-up, right?

    5. baby's embassy requirements are birth certificate (on security paper), valid passport, and what else?

    thank you very much.
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  3. by   Rep
    Hello Nurse Dependent,

    I think it is better to notify the NVC as still your papers are with them. Ask for instructions regarding the birth of your baby.

    Good luck! I hope you won't encounter any problems and can bring your baby to the US.