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  1. Hi all,
    the wife and i are both registered mental health nurses in the uk, and are thinking of coming over to au/nz for a month [october time] to look round with a view to coming to work in the future. Has anybody got hints and tips that might be useful to us. many thanks!
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  3. by   ShafstonCollege
    You need to contact the nursing councils in the state you are looking to go to apply for registration. Take a look through the govenment nursing websites for listings or for full details and pretty much all the information you need if you are looking to work in Australia. You can find information and links to all the different nursing bodies in each state on the RCNA website (check the resources section).
  4. by   keetahe

    i am an rn and work in mental health, (forensics) in auckland n.z. you might find these websites useful. this site is about nursing jobs in n.z. this site is to the ministry of health and from there you can get to all the different district health boards here.
    your more than welcome, to contact me if you like, i 'd be willing to try and answer any questions you might have
  5. by   mardeler
    Hi again, thanks for the replies, the sites look very useful. We are going to search for flights tonight and the try to decide on our itinary. We will probobly use internal flights/ public transport while in AU, but haven't decided between a campervan or hire car or public transport in NZ. We are thinking of maybe dropping in on some possible work places as well as a bit of a holiday so i suppose we need fairly flexible transport. :spin: I think we will probobly come out and look at where we would like to be and then try for jobs in those areas. I haven't been to NZ before and my wife hasn't been to either NZ or Au.
    Many thanks again Nic.