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  1. My fiance (origionally from Africa) just graduated from a British University with a diploma in peadiatric nursing and is now an RN in London. She wants to relocate to the US as soon as possible. Can anyone tell me how easy/hard it would be for her to come here and be a nurse. What steps should she take as far as getting certified. Would hospitals be willing to get her a green card so she can work here? What are the job prospects in the north east (new jersey area). I realise these are alot of questions but any help would be greatly apreciated.

    p.s. if u know any web sites i can goto for more help please pass them on
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  3. by   OB/GYN NP
    Hi AfroSoul! I can't answer all of your questions, but I think I may be able to be of some assistance. Each state has its own regulations regarding what needs to be done to practice in that state. You would have to contact individual state nursing boards to find out what the requirements are for foreign nurses. Here in the states, nurses are registered to work in individual states, not in the nation as a whole. So you would probably be best to decide which state you are most likely wanting to live in, and contact the Health Professions Board in that state. I don't have a website to give you, but if you do a search of the state that you're looking for, for example, "New York Health Professions Bureau" or "New York Board of Nursing", you should be able to find the website for the nursing board. Each state also has its own regulations regarding acceptance of foreign nurses. Hope this helps! Good luck to you both!
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    Good questions... perhaps one of the websites for travel nurses could help?
  5. by   Isabel Lobes
    Dear Afro Soul,

    I hope by now you may have found out the way to get into the US if not then perhaps this would help as I am also in the process of coming to the US.

    1. Approach CGFNS

    Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools,
    3600 Market Street,
    Suite 400,
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-2651,
    The website is This is official site for International nurses who want to come to the US and work. your fiance will have to appear in the exams of nursing and English which are held in most of countries.

    2. Once she has cleared she will have to get the Visa Screening certificate also a branch of CGFNS. The site will explain every thing in details so don't worry.

    3. There are many agencies who are willing to hire foreign nurses and help get entry via green card. You may contact them through websites or I can recommend one i.e. Abraham Mathews <> (This is situated in Houston-Texas by the name of INTECH INC.) I am coming through them and they are quite efficient.

    4. All in all it should take about 18 months for the whole procedure depending if your fiance clears her exams in the first attempt as I had to appear twice.

    Good Luck and if you require any other help let me know.
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