Chilean nurses to practice in USA, accreditation of BSN

  1. Hi everyone!!!...
    I'm new here.... and I worry about the accreditation of my profession as a nurse.
    I graduated in Chile with a BSN and practised for 2 years as a nurse in emergency room, I came to the USA 7 months ago and now I see the possibility of exercising my career here.
    if someone can help me with what I have to do so that they acredit my career .... and to be able to practise professionally!!!! me!!!...:spin: I only have with me my diploma and certificate from my nursing school...

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  3. by   Itzallgood
    Make sure you can legally work in USA if applicable

    Check with your states Board of Nursing in the state you would like to work and see what requirements are for you
  4. by   lolonurse
    Thank you for your information...
  5. by   RN Samantha Waddingt
    hi chilean nurse!

    im very glad to find someone from chile to talk about this. i studied nursing in universidad de antofagasta and as you with a bsn on 2006. my husband had been relocated so we moved and lived for two years in mukwonago, a little village outside milwaukee in wisconsin. now its going to be one yeas since our last relocation to australia, perth to be precise.

    as i got pregnant while living in usa i didn't have the chance to start the qualification's validation process. but now that my daugther is two years old im looking forward to start it, which will take long time and patience.

    first part of the process is getting in contact with the nurses and midwives board of western australia (nmbwa) and they asked me for several documentary requirements such as:
    1. evidence of nursing education (transcript of training) i really thought that they were asking for the "subjects programs" (programas de asignatura) but they are not. if i don't have them, a copy of the syllabus from the nurse regulatory authority to be fordwarded directly to the board...i honestly dont know what they meant... i have been try to reach the antofagasta university for advise but as you may know in our country if you are not there , the system doesn't work, so i haven't get any answer in that matter yet. do you know what is the "nurse regulatory authority" in chile?
    2. initial registration certificate, i assume that is our "certificado de titulo". but we have to get it "verified and fordwarded directly to the nmbwa" how would bother doing that in chile??? and what is the organization that is entitled to do that verification in chile?
    3. verification of current registration...would be perhaps by the chilean nursing board? how could i get registered been abroad if it have to be done in person?
    4. current practising certificate/endorsement/authority to practice. what is that? where can we get it from in chile? our nursing board??? but as we know that being registered with them is completely volunteer and you have to pay a monthly fee to belong there.
    5. statement of service on letterhead paper from the most recent employer... obviously translated and legalized. and same thing. im looking fordward to my trip to chile to get all that done but firstly i need to understand every little bit of what they are asking for. and if you could help me on that i will really appreciate it.
    im preparing myself to do the ielts and oet, need to get above 7 score and b respectively. all the above and the tests will only allowed me to get an approval letter from the nmbwa to start a bridging course, which it last one year plus placement. and because i dont have a year of experience as minimum working as a rn i will have to work three month full time as a pca prior the bridging course.

    sometimes i just want to give up and go back to chile . but i refuse to give up!

    if there are any inspirational word amongst our colleagues i would be really grateful...and more if is anybody there with experience in this matter.

    thank you so much