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  1. Hi, I am currently a UK trained RN (US Citizen) having my credentials evaluated by the CGFNS.

    My university sent my transcripts together with the validation form to CGFNS and my status is waiting for review. I received a copy of the university transcript which included the degree broken down into hours relating to the course content, more specifically the modules covered. However when I enquired with the person who did the paperwork she has informed me that on the transcript validation form for the CGFNS under the theory hours she put "see full breakdown on transcript". I explained to her that the form was specifically looking for a full theory breakdown based upon the actual subjects studied and not a curriculum breakdown but she said that that is how they usually fill in these forms. Now I am worried that this will have a big effect on how my degree is evaluated. I know that as I trained Adult I will be lacking in hours in some areas but these hours could have been lessened had the form been filled in according to the topics learned in class, e.g. schizophrenia could have been included in psychiatry and child immunisations, meningitis could have been included in paeds but this has not been detailed.

    My question is should I wait until the CGFNS have reviewed what they have and issue their report or should I contact them explain all of this and see if they will delay review until I can get the university to do the form more specifically. The transcript person at the university said that they would have to get an academic to review the degree course for the subjects and this could take some time to translate 3 years into separate hours as they have never done the transcripts in this way before.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

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  3. by   akardan
    I recently finished the process of CGFNS so I might able to answer your question.
    In my experience, you would be better off if you call them ahead of time and see if there's any issue with your paper work process rather than waiting for them to review things. CGFNS only initiate the process when they receive the whole paper work, as you may know. And once they have them all, it usually takes 4 weeks the get things started.
    I would call and talk to them, like I did couple of times during my my CGFNS process and in my experience they were very helpful.
    Hope this helps.