CGFNS Process Info For All You Foreign Nurses

  1. Hello, I started the CGFNS process (CGFNS Certification Program) February 2017. I submitted all my university transcripts through my university to CGFNS through the mail, in addition to my foreign nursing licensure proof. After submitting all the required papers and paying for the program, I received my authorization to test (ATT) about 3 months later. I didn't expect such a fast response from them cz usually the average wait is around 5 months. The ATT email included 2 test windows that I can choose 1 from; the first window in September and the second in November. I registered for September 11 and started studying. I was very confused about what the tests would be like and kept searching everywhere. Let me tell you guys that the CGFNS questions base is identical to that of NCLEX. I thoroughly compared the components of the two. So just study for the CGFNS as if ur studying for the NCLEX. I used UWorld and Saunders and some other review books. I didn't study that well cz im a procrastinator. I got around 5 SATA questions on the exam which freaked me out cz i thought having alot of SATA is a sign that ur doing well. The exam is around 165 questions, 3 boring hours of agony. I felt like im not a nurse cz the questions seemed different from what i studied, I even thought of giving up on nursing while i was taking the CGFNS lol. There was alot of nursing interventions and prioritizing, I can't remember alot of questions cz all that i was thinking of was getting away from that computer. 2 weeks and a couple of days later i found out that i passed which was soo shocking for me. I didnt receive the CGFNS certification yet, still waiting for that to arrive. Now my next step is NCLEX, hopefully it goes smoothly. Good luck to all u nurses reading this! I hope I made things clear, I know how frustrating it is not knowing what ur test would be like.
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  3. by   navi10pannu
    Hello Eliana, i want to know that do I need to take CGFNS exam before NCLEX to become RN in USA?
  4. by   eliana95
    Hey, not really! Not all states require cgfns exam. Michigan is one of the states that do require it. That's why I went for it.
  5. by   navi10pannu
    Yes, I came to know that cgfns exam is not required in
    California but credential evaluation needs to get done from cgfns.
  6. by   ohlala
    Not really. But u need to check the state where u want to apply for licensure. Usually some state needs credential evaluation prior to application for licensure by examination so better check BON and the state you wished to be licensed. Credential evaluations are offered by CGFNS and ERES.
  7. by   nurse_ems915
    hi guys just want to ask im applying for NCLEX LPN in california can inask help coz i dont know where to start? i dont know what steps and process i need to do how would i know if california for NCLEX LPN need CGFNS evaluation ? so it means BRN and CGFNS have different evaluation? im filipino nurse migrted to california state
  8. by   fang132
    Is the CGFNS test a paper test or a computer test? Thank you