CGFNS and NCLEX exam

  1. I currently live in Michigan and am going through registering with CGFNS so I can get licenced here in Michigan. Can anyone tell me anything about the CGFNS exam? What is the pass mark? I am due to take the exam in November so any advice from people who have taken the exam would be greatly appreciated. I trained in the UK 20 years ago so anyone who took CGFNS and NCLEX after their UK State exams maybe you could tell me how the two compare.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   suehp

    Cant help you with the CGFNS as I havent done it and dont plan to do it as I am going to Florida and they only require the NCLEX which I am hoping to do in October (busy studying at the moment for it!). I know someone that has done it and said that the CGFNS exam was easier than the NCLEX! But that was her opinion - dont know how true it is!

    How about posting your message on the Graduates board - I get a lot of info about the NCLEX there - maybe they will be able to help you.