Canadian BN student considering switching to LPN program, any advice/information?

  1. I am a mature student just started a BN program in Alberta. Having already been through a 5 year university program, I am finding that I need to be working more, and taking courses part time. There are no part time options available that will allow me to work in my previous field, and I am feeling that after so much schooling already, I really need to cut back to part time schooling.

    Part time options do not seem that available for BN/RN programs, but there is the part time option at Bow Valley College for LPN. It looks like some evening and weekend options and you have up to 4 years to complete. This would be so perfect for my lifestyle and working needs right now. There is only one entry time a year in August so I am considering applying, and just taking whatever I can that would transfer through correspondence or maybe evening courses nad going back to work full time.

    Can I have any advice from anybody about this program in particular, has anybody done this program part time at BVC? What are LPN programs like in canada in relation to Bachelor Degree programs? (difficulty level) and what are the main differences between being an LPN or an RN? My intentions were to get another Bachelors deegree because it is so transferable and I hope to move in a few years, I am just finding that full time school is probably not going to work out for me.

    Sorry that was so long :S any info. is greatly appreciated! I just started a BN program and know i need to make this decision quickly for work purposes/second term registration coming up.
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