can somebody explain this ........ ?????

  1. Hi all ,
    I need an explanation : I wrote my RN exam on Dec. , after 6 weeks of waiting still no answer from CNO , I call them and they told me (after 3 hours on HOLD) that my file is not complete YET and I will need the B1 form done again . I ask them about my result , the answer was "I can't tell you that , your result was sent through mail"... and finally after another 3 days I receive an envelope from CNO .... and the good part is now : SURPRIZE --- THE EXAM RESULT as a FAIL ----WAS IN THE SAME ENVELOPE WITH B1 FORM .... WHY ? Is that correct ? I know that an exam result must be a confidential paper .....
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  3. by   cristian
    I see .... no explanations ..........
    I forget to tell you guys that CNO is doing a "very good job" , special with RN comming from another country .....
  4. by   Kudra
    as i recall, my exam results also included the necessary paperwork to complete my licensure... i don't think anything was amiss because you got you B1 with your results...
  5. by   cristian
    Yeah , but why they told me about B1 after 1 year ?
    Last year my file was complete (they told me that) , and now after 1 year they send me again the B1 form .... I mean in 1 year --- no calls or letters from CNO .
    I was luky that I CALL CNO ..... for another thing ...