Can anybody give me information on culutural diversity and nursing health care in CAN

  1. Hi I'm an RN in usa I would like to make comparison in health care and cultural diversity in your country for example what are the requirements for the practicing RN in Canada?
    What is your country definition of wellness?
    What socioeconomical conditions that effect healthcare in Canada? What is the healthy goals for 2001?
    Thanks PAT RN
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  3. by   Janet Barclay
    Difficult questions, Pat. We haven't been ignoring you, just pondering.
    The requirements for nursing in Canada are graduation from an accredited nursing school, and successful completion of the national board exam (Quebec is a bit different I think).
    The programs can be anywhere from two to four years (diploma vs BN or BScN). In Alberta they are trying to fly a 14 month program for people with preexisting degrees who have all the "optional" courses already to try and deal with the crisis in nursing.
    As far as definitions of wellness etc. try the Health and Wellness website for Canada ot the Canadian Nurses Association website for these answers. Most of us at the bedside have neither the time nor the inclination to delve into these things LOL.
    Canada, as a nation has tried to avoid the "melting pot". Sometimes I think that we go too far in trying to accommodate cross cultural belief systems etc, but that's just one person's opinion. After all, we are very polite doncha know :0).
    The socioeconomic problems are the same as the ones you have in the states, poverty and ignorance cause illness, period!
    We do have, in our institution, aboriginal helpers (a rough translation from the Cree language) to try and better assist our native families.
    I don't know if I've answered any of your questions :0), I'm not certain I really understood the questions!
  4. by   jucampio
    I think the larger the city the more diversity in the culture. For instance in Toronto you could run into every nationality in the large hospitals but in smaller towns the populations of "out of towners" decreases! I have worked in both large and small hopitals here in Ontario so I have seen lots of differences between the larger centres and smaller centres. I am currently a full time, mature student working towards my Reg N after 24 years as an RPN(LPN in the states I Think?) Hope this reply helps, Judi