BIR compiling dossier of individual taxpayers

  1. bir compiling dossier of individual taxpayers
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    a wake up call to all filipinos.

    this will make the philippines unliveable.

    people will be more desperate to get out.

    the taxman is compiling data on people's trips abroad, the vehicles and real estate they own, and the schools where their children study.

    the bureau of internal revenue has been building its largest data bank yet on taxpayers by culling information from the bureau of immigration, land transportation office, land registration authority, department of trade and industry, and department of education, according to quezon rep. danilo suarez.

    the bir's largest tax mapping operation is designed to catch under-reported assets of every taxpayer in the country, said suarez, chair of the house oversight committee for republic act no. 9480 (tax amnesty act of 2007), which was implemented starting sept. 6.

    as soon as the amnesty year ends, the bir will have data, including those on the schools where a taxpayer's children study to see if one's income matches his or her expenditures, the lawmaker said.

    taxpayers may pay an amnesty fee computed roughly as 5.0 percent of his or her annual net income.

    the bir may look into these assets if an informer provides data challenging the veracity of the list of assets submitted by the taxpayer during the amnesty period, suarez said.

    are we back to the japanese occupation period when the makapilis (informers with rattan bags over their heads to hide their identities) would point at filipinos, and these filipinos would then subsequently be either shot, bayoneted, or decapitated with a samurai sword???

    immigrants are included in this profiling, as they're still citizens of the republic of the philippines.
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