Australian Education Qualifications in Canada

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this board and desperately require some reassurance or advice. I am going to post this in both Australian and Canadian sections in the hope someone can shed some light.

    I am an Australian citizen with Canadian residency and in 3 weeks will be returning home to finish by B. Nursing degree in Australia. (I have already completed my first year in Oz and for many reasons cannot study finish the degree in Canada)

    Before making such a decision I contacted the CNO (College of Nurses Ontario) to make sure Australian degrees were recognized so that I could sit the provincal exams when I returned to Canada. I was told yes I shouldn't have a problem. HOWEVER after further research, another phone call to the CNO and alot of reading on this forum, it seems like this may not necessarily be the case.

    I have noticed quite a few posts indicating that many UK and Australian degrees fail to meet certain requirements i.e maternity, peads etc. I will be completing the degree at the Uni of South Australia and do not have the option of electives. The other thing that concerns me is that the Australian degree is 3 years, while the Ontario (Canadian) requirement is 4.

    I am now in panic mode! Am I making this huge move back, leaving my husband for 2 years (in Canada) and taking my children to find out my qualification isn't going to be good enough???? Here I was thinking Australia had one of the best education systems in the world - I still think that - but why am I hearing all these scary things?

    The other frustrating part is that I can't even find out where I stand until after I finish. Why can't someone give me some sort of idea by viewing my study plan so at least I can address the situation, if need be, while I am still studying. Since I will already have a degree are we talking a whole other program to make up the BScN or are we talking just a few units of study?

    Has anyone else out there made the move to Ontario from Australia and experienced anything like this?

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

    Many thanks,

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