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First of all I'm new here so G'day all. I'm finishing a yr 11 bridging course at canning college next year, and the year after i'm doing the TEE to get into Uni. I want to do the Bachelor of... Read More

  1. by   vrhodes
    [quote=bubblesthenurse]if i had gone to an adult unit, i would have thrived.
    your time management skills are unsually pretty shonky still after uni, but they get better.
    un/ fortunately, i went head first onto the paediatric unit, where i had to put all my newly learned nursing skills into practice, PLUS learn all the paeds skills. it was hard going, but i think if i didnt do that amount of prac through the uni, i wuold have completly strggled, and ended up quitting.

    Yikes, Im starting in peds in Feb, Im at ECU, so I had a whole lot less prac. It is a bit worrying, the differences in amount of pracs the unis have.
  2. by   bubblesthenurse
    that was only my experience of it. if your at the state childrends hospital, you'll be fine, because they have nurses who are speciasised to paeds care/ adult care transition. they dont expect you to be able to cope. not that they are underminding you, it just this way, you have all the support you want or need.

    the SDN on my unit started at the same same time as me... so my support wasnt that brilliant.

    congrats on getting paeds!!

    i should also add here that i didnt mean that all ecu and curtin student are doing nursing so they cant go on to something else.... theres just more chance of there being one or two students who do. but also, we had a guy who did nursing, because when he went back to he country ( an African one... i cant remeber which) he could open up a pharmacy. so, in other words ive been hypercritical.

    luv all
  3. by   kmwb24
    Hey Chris,
    I go to Curtin, I have just finished my first year(of 3.5). BSc Nursing is like getting two degrees...a nursing degree and a science degree. Curtin is the only WA uni that offers a Bsc Nursing degree other uni's give you a bachelor nursing degree.

    Notre Dame is really good if you want lots of prac, but alot of it is during semester breaks. ECU has the largest nursing contingent, and has lots of partnership programs with hopsitals. Murdoch (only available in Rockingham?) has a good reputation for time spent in clinical school, but its is not metro.

    Curtin has some great facilities, such as anatomy labs with cadavers to learn on. I am not aware of other uni's having's really good to learn your human biol stuff, more than just reading the boks if you get me.

    I have been working as a nursing assistant for an agency, this is really beneficial as we don't get as much prac as ND or Murdoch?

    I am really happy I am attending Curtin (its really close to my house too) BUT have great respect for all the other uni's each has definate strengths and you should investigate all your options to see which program is going to suit you best.


  4. by   placebo
    yes i am at curtin

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