anyone can give some opinions?

  1. Hi! I'm a 3rd yr student, and I'm actually looking for an interested, simple and unique concept for nursing thesis. This is my very first time that I will conduct a thesis. I only got three ideas, first is, comparison between male and female nurses' performance that includes their knowledge, skills and attitudes. the second one, coping mechanism of student nurses on their studies or professional nurses on their jobs and the last one, i haven't think what would be the appropriate title for this, the concept is if student nurses are really helpful for the staff nurses or the professional ones when they are in duty or they are just making staff nurses more difficult to do their jobs. thats it! Unfortunately, our professor don't allow us to have an adviser so I'm really having a hard time deciding on what would be the right concept for my thesis.

    Your opinions will be very much appreciated! Thank you!
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  3. by   jetfuel
    First, I would shy away from doing a thesis (a "school activity") on school activities.

    I would be very interested to read a study comparing the experiences, choices and skills of male and female nurses. This is what I would see as "thesis material" -- it challenges the reader to look far beyond the topic at hand, as it addresses one of the basic aspects of humanity: how are men and women different?

    Please, please, please personally interview an equal number of men and women (the more the better). Get their histories and interests. Draw up the statistics, even if you don't publish them; it will aid your understanding of men and women in the field.

    Oh, and if possible, please post your work! I would love to read it! :spin:

  4. by   stephensonwater
    i definitely agree with what jetfuel uttered. it is indeed interesting to know the difference between men and women in the field of nursing. it may sound to controversial but you may also include the perception of the clients when they are being cared for by a male or female nurses. you may also include the paths the differing gender often take, that is whether they opt to stay in the Philippines to work or they eye more on working in the greener pastures of the other countries. that would be an exciting research. hehe. i am kinda thrilled right now despite the fact that the thesis is not yet made. hehe.

    goodluck with your thesis. keep safe! be well!
  5. by   empress04
    i love to read a research about the comparison of male and female nurses... knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each nurse will be very helpful..

    good luck in your thesis!!