Any suggestions for my Thesis Title ?

  1. Good Day,

    I am about to Gradute this March, for my Masters of Arts in Nursing in a School here in QC, Philippines. My problem is I do not have any interesting TITLE to consider.Hope someone could help me out, whether the topic is in the field of Clical Nursing ( Hospital ) or Nursing Education will be greatly appreciated. God bless and Many Thanks
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  3. by   ralph_ronnie16 me with my thesis.............can you guys suggest me a title...w/c is easy to handle.......

  4. by   oMerMero
    are you looking for a topic for a paper? What is something that interests you?
  5. by   dave787
    first what interest you, make sure that it is in yor scope of study. with that you can formulate your thesis
  6. by   AstonishiaInlimbo's really important that it interests you...something you want to don't want to have that feeling of not wanting to defend something you're not really passionate about...and don't go for something that looks 'easy to handle'...believe me...what looks easy by the title will turn ugly by the time you start making your problems...Like me and my friends, I suggested that we do a study on needlesticks and sharps injuries, and they were like, "ah, that's like hard." So they voted that we do a study on barangay health workers instead 'cuz it looked 'easier'...oh boy, we got it wrong...
  7. by   lamplighter
    u also need to research for ur chosen topic, review of related literature...its reli helpful...u may try topics that are relevent in todays the "shortage of nurses", the fast turnover, the quality of nursing care..etc...
  8. by   Lorodz
    go to recto...hehhe just kidding...

    try to focus on relevance and current issues...Let me suggest, what can you do, as a nurse to decrease the number of nurses fleeing the country?
  9. by   miss_claireanne
    im deciding for a topic about normal delivery system instead of brgy. helath that ok??where do i find such an artcle about normal delivery in the philippines??thanks a lot.