Any Croatian Nurses Here?

  1. Just wondering if there are any nurses from Croatia who read the forums. My wife has relatives there near Dubrovnik. We spent a few days there in December last year, loved every minute of it.

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  3. by   sanja
    Hi Ayrman,

    I am a Croatian nurse from Zagreb.
  4. by   Ayrman
    Hello Sanja,

    I was wondering what the differences are between US and Croatian nurses as far as duties, training, pay scales, etc. I meant to stop by the hospital in Dubrovnik to ask but time did not permit doing so.

  5. by   ibhr
    Hi there, appologizes for renewing this thread, but I was searching for term Croatia, which got me here

    Anyways, I dk what duties nurses attend to in the US, but I've done a bit of research lately, and from what I've seen - the difference is quite large.

    In Croatia, patient care staff is mostly composed of high-school nurses (4 yrs of nursing high-school). Afterwards, they have 1 yr of internship, and finally they can get their licence if they pass the state exam. Their daily jobs are patient care (patient hygiene, feeding, etc.), administering all prescribed drugs except IV drugs (in practice, they do administer IV drugs, due to shortage of BcN's), taking patient to all sort of tests (CT, MR, etc.), and so on.

    BcN's (bachelors of nursing) are nurses with additional 3 yrs of nursing college. They're mostly working as team leaders, chief nurses and simmilar nursing administrative duties, ICU's, OR's and simmilar complex-care branches of medicine.

    MSN (master's) nurses need to have BCN's degree in order to get MSN. MSN takes additional 2 yrs of college education, and currently is not available in Croatia. Should be by the end of next year.

    Also, orderlies are very uncommon here (as nurses do their jobs too), havent seen any volunteers so far. So mainly, nurses have to do everything by themselfs.

    Hope I've been helpful
  6. by   Ayrman
    Very helpful, and I do thank you sincerely. Very much look forward to another trip to your country sometime in the future, hopefully spending more time there than last.