any CRNE review class in vancouver?

  1. does anyone know any CRNE review given in vancouver?

    my husband is scheduled to take CRNE this coming June and myself on October and we want to at least attend 1 review class prior to june.

    help will be much appreciated...thanks many
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  3. by   AYEL
    Sorry If Cant Answer Your Problem But I Have A Question To You....i Am Just Waiting For My Assessment Result From Crnbc And I Want To Know If Ielts Is Needed To Be Able For Me To Apply For An Interim Permit.

    Pls. Help, Leah (ayel)
  4. by   mctina_20
    Yes. Ielts is a requirement prior to release of the Interim Permit and it must be 6-6-6-7 for L-R-W and speaking respectively.

    Who is your employer by the way, what hospital and where?