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  1. hi everyone ! my husband and i are having our interview on oct. 4, 2006. however, i have a newborn son who was not yet included in the petition at that time. it was only last sept 21,2006 that my lawyer submitted /faxed my newborns documents to the embassy.

    q.1 how soon will the embassy database be updated so we could bring our son for the oct. 4 interview?

    we haven't recieved the appointment letter yet but given the oct. 4 sched, we need to have the medicals this week. i saw another thread where all we need is our case number and 2x2 pics.

    q.2. can we already bring my newborn to do the medicals even if the embassy does not yet have a record in their database as an additional derivative?
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  3. by   Rep
    Why don't you call the Us embassy hotline and you can get some answers fromt he representatives there.

    But don't worry, you can still bring your baby it is that you will have to process your baby's paper later.

    I know one who got married before the interview and all her papers at the NVC she passed said she was single. during the interview, he told the consul of her new status and she was able to bring her husband to the US with in six months when she arrived here.

    Good luck!