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Does anyone know of any good agencies that does international nursing. I have heard that there are companies that will send nurses to Australia, New Zealand, UK and Saudi Arabia. If anyone knows of companies that do this kind of assignments could you please let me know. Also if the comapany goes even futher afield like China, South America or other exotic location please pass there names and contact numbers on. Thanks for your time in advance.


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Hey Walter, is a travel nurse agency that sends people to like 11 other countries. For the UK, you actually don't need a company per se, you can just contact the Counsil of Nurses and Midwives there and see about what to do to get a license. They have a nursing shortage there too.

Saudi Arabia is a tough one. I would love to go there too but right now I think it may be a bad time because of the recent attacks against foreigners. I'm willing to go anywhere with risk but I think it'd be good to wait and see if all that calms down. Most of recruiters for Saudi Arabia have left I'm sure so I don't know if anyone is sending people right now.

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