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Can anyone enlighten me about Arellano University’s international nursing program. Does anyone know someone who graduated from the program?

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I read about their partnership with Alderson Broaddus University (ABU) in West Virginia. The student gets admitted to the program based on ABU's admission requirements, takes the first 3 years of BSN at Arellano in Manila using ABU's curriculum, and then takes the final year of BSN at ABU. The claim is that you graduate with an ABU diploma and can sit for the US NCLEX-RN as a graduate of a US accredited program.

Seems like a good idea for US citizens who want to study in the Philippines. I would email ABU's admissions directly and ask about the program and/or connect you to alumni. - scroll down for the AU-ABU program


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Thank you! I actually inquired already. ☺️