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Hello, I'm up in Vancouver Canada here. We have the nursing program for four years, and I have the opportunity to get trained during my last 3 months of school, then complete the other 3 months of training while on the job and work right after my graduation. I am only in my third year but I already know I want to do this.

Questions, is it ok to go straight to OR nursing and bypassing the whole med/surg thing.

Also, I want to start reading up on this stuff now, the tools, what I would learn in the courses just so I'm ready. Where can I find the info on the internet? I search on google but all I'm getting is info from various schools about the courses not the actual material. Any help would be muchly appreciated. Thanks.

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Are you a credible source? Add your Credentials, Experience, etc.

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Me again, ok, so you guys can bypass the whole med/surg thing, read the thread in the board but if you guys could direct me to some websites that have "OR Nursing" information that I could start studying up now that'd be wonderfull.

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