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Interested in Non medical and medical home care

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I am a registered nurse practitioner. I started nursing as a CNA in a nursing home, then did private duty. I have worked virtually every area in hospitals from med surg, ER, ICU, NICU, Psych, Labor and delivery, House supervisor. I have been certified in womens health, High risk OB, Advanced life support OB, ACLS, NRP and a CPR instructor. I would like to start my own business. I would like to offer all types of community care, Non medical caregivers, Home health to all ages and with all needs from vents to high risk obstetrics. I come from a medical family. We have respiratory therapist, Lab medical technologist, dieticians, cnas, lpns, speech therapist. I don't just want to offer services to individuals but would like to offer nursing services to other facilities. as a nurse practitioner I would like to see patients in there homes such as OB's on strict bedrest. I have a lift van and would like to be able to offer medical transportation for those who can not go by conventional means. I want to be a full service center that helps with all medical needs. Has anyone heard of a full service agency or does anyone have any tips. There are books and kits for home health and nursing agencies but I have no idea which one is best any ideas. Also How can I find out medicare reimbursement schedules, and other fee schedules. If you know anything about any of the services and what they require and how I can get more information or if you just want to say great idea or your crazy I would love to hear from you. Thanks :nurse: gin

This may seem a little simple, but why not go to work for a home health agency to learn the ropes? A couple of months might prove invaluable.

Sounds like quite a wonderful vision.

I would start with the regulating agencies in your state. Start with one and ask where you can find out more information.

A first place I would start would be your state's department of health and human services or something simular.

Also your state board of nursing will have somethings to say on this.

As far as reimbersement contact the federal medicare folks. You can start on line and then expand your research as you go.

Are you familar with OSASIS charting requirements? If not you need to educate yourself on this.

You are talking about a very highly regulated field of endeavor. It will not be easy for that reason but is not impossible.

Do your homework thoroughly before making decisions. There are multiple types of libility insurance coverage you will have to consider.

Contact your DMV (yes you read that right) because they will regulate the transportation part of your business concerning the lift van.

This is an extreemly ambitious vision. Again not undoable. It will likely have to be done in stages because it is so far reaching.

Because you are talking about a highly regulated business I would look thoroughly into the regulatory requirements before you decide if you wish to start in a less restrictive area such as non medical home services.

homecareandstaffing.com has free links and resources on starting a non medical home care. The site was very helpful to me when i started my home care business


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I think you have a great vision! One of the problems that you are going to run into is that your scope seems a bit too large to start out with. I know that is one of your visions for the business (to offer a wide range of services), but in order to get things started, you need to focus your business plan a bit. I would pick one aspect of the business to get started and then you can expand upon that. The aspect that requires the most regulation is the home health care. You will either need to get some experience in home health care (a few months probably won't cut it) or consider hiring a consultant. I recently started a small consulting business for home health care. My fees are very reasonable since I'm just starting out.

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