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Interested in going to the CCU after graduation, what should be my concerns?


I'm currently a nursing student, and I'm striving to become a CRNA. How should I prepare myself for the CCU? What kind of situatons will I be involved in? What should be my concerns? In addition,what should be my strong points personally, for example, communication. And what should I focus on educationally, to be a strong member of the CCU? If there are Any RN's with experience in this field..or any professionals with information on my questions, I would highly appreciate your help. Thank you.



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Congratulations on your enthusiasm and ambition! My advice to you would be to go with an open mind. Always ask questions if you are not sure. Don't pretend to know something, if you really don't. Once you have blown the trust of the staff, it is very difficult to get it back.(This is currently happening in my unit. Despite hard work and effort, the nurse involved is being eaten alive!)

I think one of the biggest disadvantages of going directly to ICU is not having the benefit of sound organizational skills that one develops working on a med/surg unit. Having said that, it is a skill that can be learned.

Strengthen your assessment skills, integrating your knowledge with pathophysiology. Learn to anticipate, be prepared.

What is CRNA? I am not familiar with that one.(I live in Canada)

Good luck!

Thanks for your suggestion, I will definitely think about those things stormy. A CRNA is a

Certified registered Nurse Anesthetist, according to statistics they administer about 65% of anesthesia given in the United States. Also, CRNA's no longer have to work under the supervision of a MD...therefore there is more autonomy when working as a CRNA. Not to mention, CRNA's pay scale ranges from, 80,000 to 120,000 a

year with full benefits.

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