Interested in finding out about Philadelphia job market

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I am interested in finding out about Philadelphia job market. I want to move to Philadelphia and I am interested in alternative/holistic health. Are there any jobs in this area? I have been reading that the job market is tight there but I am not really interested in hospital work unless it relates to alternative/holistic/integrative health. I am currently working as an RN in long term care and I hate it. There is nothing here in Indianapolis. I wish I had never moved here. I wouldn't mind working for VA in long term care but we don't have long term care at our VA here. Does it take a long time to find a job in Philadelphia? I have been a nurse for 24 years and I would like to get in to the area that I am interested in instead of what I have to do to survive. Also as a side bar is Philadelphia a pretty nice place to live? It is so boring here in Indianapolis, not progressive at all. I am originally from upstate New York and it is so different in the midwest. Indianapolis is a country bumpkin town, not a real city.


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Philadelphia is a great city; for information on where to live, try these sites: Philadelphia Speaks Forum - Neighborhoods, Sports, Restaurants and more and / Both have many "where should I live" threads. As far as working for a holistic area, I really don't know what types of jobs are available for an RN (and I live in the city's most granola neighborhood, Mt Airy - lots of yoga, natural healers, etc). Try this link: Body Mind Spirit DIRECTORY | Philadelphia | Holistic Health |

If I can help you with specific questions, I'd be happy to (pm is great). Even though I plan on leaving PHL next year to move back home, I think that this is a fantastic place.

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