Interested in becoming WOC nurse- advice to start?


  • Specializes in telemetry. Has 3 years experience.

I have neen a nurse about 3 1/2 years and I have seriously been considering for some time becoming a WOC nurse in the future. I've done some research, and would ultimately like to take a WOCN-accredited nursing education program and take the WOCNCB boards. (It would probably be several years before I could start the training, to save $$ and wait for my husband to finish school.) I do have my BSN. I work on a telemetry floor right now, and my current experience in wounds is limited to the decubitus ulcers I come across on my floor (rarely do I see a stage III or IV) and minimal experience with ostomies- I may come across one every two or three weeks, and a wound vac once in a blue moon. With this somewhat limited wound care experience, I wonder if anyone could recommend a good area to work in to gain some more practical experience. I'd appreciate any suggestions on where to go from here!

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