Inpatient CM salaries?

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Hi all,

I'm a telephonic CM for a large insurance company, and I'd like to branch out and get some more diverse CM experience so I can do travel nursing in a few years (I travelled in the past as an L&D nurse, and always said I would do it again when my kids were grown). My job is pretty low-stress, but boring as hell and I feel like I am at a dead-end. I am scheduled for an interview as an inpatient case manager for a large medical center near here next week. The position requires BSN, MSN preferred. I have my BSN and MBA, halfway through with MSN, and I have the CCM certification. I am excited about doing something new and getting out of the house (I have been working from home for four years), but I am afraid that the position won't pay enough for it to make sense. I am currently making in the low 80's with salaries and yearly bonus, and I live in eastern NC where the nursing pay is fairly low. I make quite a bit more than staff nurses do around here. Can anyone give me any ideas on what inpatient CM's make relative to staff nurses? I know "it depends", but hoping to gain some insight.

Side note: a couple of months ago I interviewed with this same health system for a nurse informaticist position. It was a long, tedious interview process and in the end I found out I was going to have to take a sizable pay cut to get into informatics with this company. That is why I am concerned about the pay for inpatient case management.

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