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Does anyone here work for the INOVA Health system? INOVA Fairfax hospital in particular...

I am starting to volunteer there and I am looking at going to school (for ADN) at NVCC. Does INOVA offer tution reimbursement if you work for them after graduation? Will they help you pay tuition for furthering your education (if I would go back for BSN)? Are there a lot of nurses from NVCC at INOVA? Are there any good or bad things about working for them?

I do intend to talk to the people at the hospital more about this but I thought maybe someone here could give me a feel for what's offered/available.

Thanks in advance :-)


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Hi Wildcard. I graduated from NVCC, it's a wonderful school. You will do well there, I'm sure. As for the INOVA system, they are just terrific. They spend countless hours with you, helping to be sure you are comfortable with your duties before they let you "go live". I was hired for the High Risk Perinatal unit right out of school (NVCC's reputation is that good) and after orientation and preception, I was released to act as competent. They even hired me before I had the results of my NCLEX. Now I work in a small rural hospital, in the ER, but I use my knowledge from INOVA almost every day. Before I went to school, I was a patient care tech at Fair Oaks (also in the INOVA system) and again was very pleased with the professionalism and friendliness of everyone encountered. It is very different working in a large facility compared to working in a small rural hospital. If you want to go to work every day and leave the work when you go home, the bigger hospitals are the way to go. Go for it, can't go wrong. It's a great place to get your feet wet.


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It's so great to hear such good things about INOVA. I may be starting there in Jan 06, and reading comments here make me feel a little more reassured. Thanks!


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Just curious. I am wondering what the hourly wages are for a 2 year experienced RN at an INOVA hospital. Any info. would be appreciated. I will be relocating to Northern VA in 2 months.



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