Inova Fairfax Hospital drug testing policy


I'm not a nurse, but I'm applying for an admin job at Inova Fairfax. I have smoked weed recently (it's not illegal where I live) and I was wondering what Inova's policy is on drug tests? Do they just do a urine sample or do they require a hair test as well? Do they test new employees right when they start or some time before their start date?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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The only one who could answer that question accurately is Inova...and to be honest, I don't think they'd tell any potential applicant when and how they conduct their drug test.

Keep in mind that the fact that marijuana use may be permitted where you live doesn't mean that Inova or anyone has to give you a pass on it. Hospitals, even those in the marijuana-friendly states like California, Colorado, etc., tend to frown on applicants and employees testing positive for THC, and they are within their rights to fire you or deny you a job should you pop positive.

I don't pass judgment on your marijuana use, as you're an adult and it's your decision. But I'm also not the one that would be hiring you. You may want to reconsider your use in light of your job hunting.

Best of luck.