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  1. Hi! i am new to the forum and excited to see a forum for IV therapy nurses. I am taking the CRNI exam next week and would like some words of wisdom from those who are veretans! I have been studying for about 3 months but still feel overwhelmed! I work on a "stick and run" IV Team where we place PICCs and difficult IVs. So there are quite a few of the core areas where I feel lacking! Any adivse you could offer would be helpful.
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  3. by   Binkey
    If you are taking it next week, it doesn't give you time to heed my recommendation, which is using the tapes that INS sells. They were important to me when I took it, particularily when studying QI sections.
    Are you an INS member? The publications that they sent out sometimes have test questions in them which are also helpful.
    In addition to that, some states like Missouri where I am from, have CRNI review classes given by local Infusion Therapy Education Providers.
    Hope all goes well.
  4. by   terryballard
    Does anyone know of a current class/program for review prior to taking the CRNI exam?
  5. by   CBOTTOMS
    I took the exam a couple of years ago. I purchased several books from INS to study, which helped some but there was still an enormous amount of information which I never covered. Good Luck!
  6. by   kaycrni
    Review courses for the CRNI exam are often given by the local INS chapters in the different states.
    INCC, the testing organization, also has preperation materials and may have information on review courses available.
    Plumers Principles and Practice of Intravenous Therapy and the INS Standards of Practice are also very helpful.
    Good Luck to all who take the exam!