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    I am wondering if someone would guide me to either a website or a book that would include statistics regarding DVT incidence and PIVs? I am going to be testifying in a case and need some respected sources as to how often thrombophelbitis occurs...Thank you

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    Doesn't anyone know of a reference..I am testifying for the defense, does that help? After reviewing the record I can not find any negligence at all on the part of the staff..I just need something to reference that thrombophlebitis is a known risk and I would like to be able to quote a statistic regarding it's incidence.
    Thanks Erin
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    Thrombophlebitis is a known risk for PIV's. It has a higher risk in PIV's than in PICC's or Midlines. Unfortunately, rarely do staff nurses inform a patient of the risks associated with PIV's before initiating a peripheral line so that could work against the nurses case. With PICC's and Midlines the nurses inserting them will get a written or verbal consent which should include listing all major complications associated with the particular line. You could do a search on Cinahl or through you local mediacl library. You could also go to and do a search there. I think it costs @$90.00 a year but it is worth the money if you do a lot of cases regarding IV Therapy. Lynn Hadaway has a searchable database for IV Therapy. I think she also does consultations for a fee. I could give you more info if you still need it.
    Hope this helps and sorry if it was to late. I rarely get a chance to cruise the site anymore.
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