Staffing Question for Small Home Infusion Nursing Agencies

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    I would like to hear from anyone working for home infusion agency, nursing only (not pharmacy). Does the agency employ only per diem RN's? I am the Nursing Supervisor for a small agency that is growing. Trying to convince the COO that we could use a full time, or two part time nurse to fulfill our growing needs. She insists that they have tried it before but it was always a scheduling nightmare. I am currently coming up with a plan to prove it can work and would like to hear from other agencies on how they fulfill their staffing needs without the supervisor going out to cover cases. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Passion8RN
    Hello This is the reason I am leaving my current agency and going to an outpatient infusion suite (Unable to get another RN position approved and having such a HORRIBLE branch manager that does not support nursing, she is a pharmacist) and having to do field visits myself. It is very hard to cover new referral cases and fullfill all of your responsibilites of the Nurse Supervisor. We actually have 2 full-time nurses as we have grown by leaps and bounds since I took this position a while ago. To justify the need for a FT position, use the data to support the agency's growth. We need another part-time RN since we have grown so much. It can work. If my FT RN's are low on visits, I have them come in and help out in the office. They are garaunteed 30 hours per week, but it is rare that they are unable to get their hours with our current census. Do you have any specific questions that I can answer for you?