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  1. I'm frustrated with myself! :angryfire I work on a busy med-surg unit. We have a new policy in which the floor nurses must start the pre-op IV site. We are suppose to have a 20 gauge or larger cath in before the patient goes down for surgery. I'm not terrible at IVs, but I miss these big ones more than I would like. The other nurses and I would like a book or video to review to help with IV placement. Any ideas? Also, has anyone ever used an ultrasound or venoscope to find the veins on obese or dark-skinned people? I appreciate any help or advice. Please feel free to write to me at Thanks, Julie
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    Hi There.....I know exactly what you mean about being angry and frustrated with IV's. I work in a small community hospital on the med/surg unit. When we get surgeries for 0730, we have to admit them (they arrive at 0600 when everybody is BUSY!!), start their pre-op IV with no smaller than an 18 gauge and they cannot be put in the ante-cubital area PLUS an antibiotic run 1/2 hour before surgery. Needless to say, I am frustrated with everything from the policy (18 gauge is the smallest) to the admission process. I have used a venoscope without much success; however, others on my floor say they find it helpful. The best thing I have found is to have the patient lay in the bed and dangle their arm over the bedside. Apply the tourniquet and that usually distends the veins enough in the hands to slip the IV in. Good luck!