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hi! does anybody know hospitals that conduct IV training in Manila? and what's the best training hospital? experience and financial wise? thanks... Read More

  1. by   koffeehoLic_RN
    You may inquire @ ANSAP about the IVT accredited hospitals with available slots for May. In Fabella, i know their sched for May is already fully-booked. In fact, 200+ are on the waiting list. You may also inquire @ Martinez Hospital in Maypajo, Caloocan (but i can't give my full commendation to this hospital).

    Here are the tel. #s
    716-3901 ANSAP
    734-5561 Fabella Nursing Office
    285-5091 Martinez

    Louise, RN
  2. by   RN_qtAnne
    hello just wanna ask too if you have any ideas if there's still avail IV training this april - may?? I just called fabella open sila this coming june pa and almost close na yun ibang hos for IV training so im just wondering if there are other hospital na avail this mo. onwards ..??thanks
  3. by   koffeehoLic_RN
    It would be best to inquire at ANSAP because they have the list of available hospitals for IVT. You can even ask for hospitals with available slots near your location. You can also try to surf the websites of different hospitals via google to check their activities for the month. Contact details are mostly available to their websites so you can call the institution and inquire further info. I hope these could help. God bless you!

    Louise, RN
  4. by   RN_qtAnne
    hello coffee_princess

    Actually I just called/inquired already in some of the hospitals that are accredited by ANSAP for IV training like DELOS SANTOS; CAPITOL: HEART/LUNG CENTER; AMANG RODRIGUEZ etc, they were close already and some of them will be avail by june or july?.. Haayy too long to wait for that so im still looking and searching for other hospitals w/c is opened this april onwards..
    Btw do you know any other hospitals w/c is still accepting IVT training this mo.? thanks
  5. by   koffeehoLic_RN
    As far as i know continuous ang IVT sa Martinez Hospital in Caloocan. I also waited for a long time bago ko nakapag-IVT. I also inquired a lot of hospitals, halos lahat 'ata ng matatawagan sa directory natawagan ko na. Twice akong nagpunta, pumila at natulog sa labas ng Phil. Heart Center, pero walang nangyare. Sacrifice talaga. Hanggang sa tinext ako ng Fabella about their upcoming IVT. I ended up registering for their IVT in a total hassle-free and stress-free way. God, indeed, works in mysterious ways. It's just about right timing. Patience is a virtue my friend. :wink2: You will have your time.

    Louise, RN

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