Analgesia with IV Start - page 2

My facility is currently looking at writing a policy regarding the use of an analgesic (such as Lidocaine, ELmax, Bacteriostatic NS), My question is does anyone else have in policy a requirement to... Read More

  1. by   CrohnieToo
    As a patient I would prefer that the choice of a local prior to IV set be left up to the patient. I, for one, MUCH PREFER NOT to have a local prior to an IV set. Yet I have friends who find blood draws and IVs painful and they would surely appreciate a local prior to the IV set, I'm sure.

    Giving the patient the option makes the most sense to me and seems to be just a matter of common sense. If you have patient who doesn't mind IV sets why waste the time and expense? If you have a patient who is apprehensive or prefers to have a local before an IV set it certainly is more caring and humane to give the local before the set.